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Scullery Soap

Scullery Soap


The perfect soap to use after a morning tending the garden, Hudson Made's Scullery Soap is a delicate cleansing bar for hard-working hands.  Made from locally harvested rose geranium oil, mineral salt and all natural beeswax, this artisanal soap leaves skin feeling smooth and clean.  Beeswax soap is a hard, long lasting soap that helps hands resist dryness and irritation caused by frequent washing. 

Since the Middle Ages, scullery soap was used in the servants’ quarters or kitchen annexes as a utilitarian scrubbing bar. Hudson Made’s Scullery Soap pays homage to the tradition of the homestead and the soil-stained hands that are its hallmark.

- 5.5 ounce cube bar.
- Handcrafted in the Western Adirondacks.
- Not intended for pots, pans or face. 

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