meadowburn farm

vernon, nj


Project Type

Historic Garden


Design Lead


Interpretive Signage

As part of the ongoing restoration efforts at Meadowburn Farm, interpretive signage was reimagined to highlight historic images of the gardens and create a clear, consistent style for printed materials.  Located on the New York and New Jersey border 90 minutes from New York City in the Warwick and Vernon Valley, the historic gardens at Meadowburn Farm were designed by Helena Rutherfurd Ely between 1881 and 1920.  Ely was a founding member of the Garden Club of America and a prominent figure in American horticulture at the turn of the 20th century.  The gardens reflect a significant departure from the formal Victorian style popular at the time and development of the American perennial garden. 

Today, much of the gardens stay true to the original intent and historic plant palette of Ely's design, but increased deer pressure, weather damage, and age have had an impact.  In 1993, the gardens were listed on the New Jersey State and National Register for Historic Places ensuring the longevity of this significant landscape.    

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